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"The Leader in Orthomolecular Nutrition" 

Orthomolecular (or'tho-mo-lek'-u-lar) "Pertaining to the theory that certain diseases
are associated with biochemical abnormalities resulting in increased needs for
certain nutrients, e.g., vitamins, and can be treated by administration of large
doses of these substances." (As defined by Dorlands Medical Dictionary)

Orthomolecular Supplementation "The preservation of good health and the treatment of disease
by varying the concentration in the human body of substances (i.e. nutrients)
that are normally present in the body and are required for health"
(Linus Pauling, Father of Orthomolecular Medicine and winner of two Nobel prizes)

Neuropathy Nutrition Rx

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Neuropathy Nutrition Rx

Neuropathy Nutrition Rx supports healthy nerve endings and circulation. Sixty percent of Diabetics suffer from Neuropathy and symptoms related to diminished circulation.

Progressive Research Labs, Inc. pioneered dietary supplements for Diabetics. Our Diabetic products are the first and only *patented formulas on the market. We have applied the most current nutritional research science to our formulations and focused our extensive research in the area of metabolic disorders such as Diabetes and Hypoglycemia. Progressive Research Labs continues to research and develop products for related complications such as Retinopathy, Cardiovascular conditions, Neuropathy, Macular degeneration, and Depression.

Best Seller, Dr. Joseph Juliano, M.D.

The research efforts at PRL includes the assistance of a well known Endocrinologist, Dr. Joseph Juliano, M.D. Dr. Juliano is a Diabetic and a leading author of several best sellers. His lifelong battle with Diabetes gives him first hand knowledge of the nutritional needs of a diabetic.

In his new best seller, "The Diabetic Male's Essential Guide to Living Well" he highlight's the challenges a diabetic faces on a day-to-day basis. Here he shares his time-tested, experience-proven ways of dealing with Diabetics. It is highly recommended reading.

It's no wonder our products have been recommended as "Essential" by Balch & Balch M.D., "Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing" 2nd and 3rd Edition.


Our products are extremely effective for several reasons. We use only the highest quality raw materials to ensure greater assimilation. By using Amino-Acid Chelated and Picolinated minerals, along with precise synergistic ratios of nutritients, our formulas offer optimum bio-availability. PRL manufactures each product in small batches to gaurantee freshness. The product you order is never more than a month old! By making small, fresh batches, our products maintain their full potency. Other large manufacturers produce massive batches that may sit in their warehouse for six months to a year before the product is actually shipped to a store.

Progressive Research Labs, Inc. currently offers seven formulas: the alternating formulas *Diabetic Nutrition Rx TM, *Diabetic Nutrition Rx Phase II TM, Hypoglycemic Nutrition Rx TM, Vision Nutrition Rx TM, Emotion Nutrition Rx TM, Neuropathy Nutrition Rx TM, and Diabetic Meal TM.

*Protected by two or more United States patents. Foreign patents pending.


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